Palaver’s Hands vs.

The members of, my critique group, were pleased to hear that I’d come to the end of the novel’s first draft. Unfortunately, most of them feel that the protagonist, Danielle Palaver, is unsympathetic, naive, and unfeeling. Well, I wanted her to be naive, at least at the beginning of the story, but they feel she needs some growing up and to develop a realistic awareness of what she is doing. After hearing this from them on several successive occasions, I am no longer resisting and now believe that I have to do something about it.

The WNCMysterians group has some very savvy members. Even though three good analysts were absent last night, there was solid in-depth discussion about the material I had submitted this round, and what to do about the problems they saw. I want to let the story lie for another week or so before going at it again. I need to come to it with a fresher eye.


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