CreateSpace & MS-Word

I spent several frustrating hours trying to format Ben Bones & The Galleon of Gold to fit the CreateSpace 6×9 template. Sounds simple, right? Just go to File/Page Setup and you’re good, right? Wrong!

Sheesh! I’d get one thing right and something else would be off, then around again and something else would have shifted or lost its formatting.

One huge hurdle was trying to get my name/number footer to appear in the MS-Word file across Section Breaks that I had not put into the document. I didn’t want Section Breaks in the first place, but MS-Word knew better. Finally got that figured out. You know what? MS-Word thinks that you should start at the bottom of the document to place your footer info. Then it will flow upwards (duh) across Section Breaks (whether you wanted sections or not). That cost me at least an hour & 1/2.

Another issue was the Table of Contents. I can’t tell you how many times I went in, cleared the tabs, and reset them from scratch. What a pain! But now the ToC lies on the page correctly.

I’m still not finished going through the text of the book. What other issues will MS-Word and CreateSpace not want to agree on?

It’s really a shame that MicroSoft has taken over the world.

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