Another speaker event with no book sales

I did a presentation at the Hendersonville Library this afternoon. The event was sponsored by The Friends of the Library and (my crit group). About 15 people showed up, mostly older folks, though there were a few middle aged and one twenty-something. Four were writers or wannabes.

I spoke for approximately 1.5 hours on writing, waiting for your muse, opening lines, where I get ideas, what a red herring is & how it’s used, and how my crit group operates. I answered everything they threw at me, referencing my own work and the works of more well-known writers.

I didn’t sell a single book, but I had a great time thinking on my feet answering their questions. We will probably have a couple of visitors at Mysterians from this audience.

Back home Amazon sales showed 3 more ebooks had sold. Perhaps that resulted from the event. Who can say? Sure would have liked to recoup some more of my physical book investment though.


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