Ben Bones Rides Again

I spent about 7.5 hours today riding my mouse around in PhotoShop and the Createspace website making Ben Bones and The Galleon of Gold happen. As usual, it was a slog, but most of the work is done. Of course, after I reached the point where interior and cover had been uploaded in pdf form, I discovered that the wording in the back cover blurb could have been more elegant. I went back in and fixed the cover but Createspace had my project locked for review and I wasn’t able to upload the improved version. That’ll be another day or so of interminable waiting.

I had put completing this project off for several months. I didn’t have faith in it. Yes, the book had been written, thoroughly gone through by my crit group (, but I felt that something was missing. I wanted more red herrings, more terrible things to happen, and I didn’t want my perp to be so obvious so early. Too bad for me. I finally decided that it was clogging my psyche and I had to get rid of it, even if it wasn’t as strong as the other Ben Bones adventures. Now I can turn my mind to other projects. The next one will be better.

Not to change the subject, but… I’ve developed a strategy that helps convince me I’m a writer even during my fallow periods. I write short stories in between the bigger projects. This past week I finished a horrifying little thing that made me very uncomfortable while writing. You see, I had a title: Victim de Jour, and I knew there had to be a story in it. Someone had said it in passing and I grabbed it and carried it around in my head for a few weeks before forcing myself to sit down and type it on a page. What developed from that title was just short of 1200 words, but it was so disturbing to write that I knew I had something good. The Mysterians will have at it in a couple of days and I can’t wait to hear what they say. I told them I wanted to hear the sounds they made when they first read it. One of them has already said she couldn’t get through it on her first try and had to put it down. Truly a jewel!