The Horizon Beckons

I’ve been wanting to do a short Ben Bones story and I’ve been wanting to also deal with pseudocide (faked death). This has definitely been a way-in-the-back burner idea. There are other, more pregnant (pardon the expression) projects to be dealt with first.

Nonetheless, this morning in my hypnagogic state, there were a bunch of the pseudocide story elements showing themselves and wanting to be written about. I still don’t have the whole idea in my head, but the kettle is now bubbling. I don’t yet have a plot, but the severed finger in the tooled leather box is there for sure. Gosh, I wonder what’s going to happen…

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I’ve received my 2nd proof of Ben Bones & The Galleon of Gold, made my few corrections, and uploaded a new interior pdf. As soon as CreateSpace approves it, I’ll order some copies. There are a few “thank you” copies that I have to send to people, as well as having a stock on hand to sell to my local libraries and such. We live in exciting times.