Project Updates

The Extra Body was sent to CreateSpace several times and I finally had it the way I wanted it… or so I thought. I ordered 35 copies, but when they arrived I discovered I’d overlaid the back cover text with a dead black spacer. I fixed the problem in PhotoShop, resubmitted the files, waited impatiently until they arrived, and then took off on a selling trip to Virginia as soon as they arrived. This time they were correct. The first batch is being used as promotional giveaways to friends and other folks, and they’re all being told it’s a collector item because of the graphics error. Oh, well.

Palaver’s Hands is the best thing I’ve written so far. I am beginning to understand now and learning how to structure a story around a character. I was worrying about how to resolve the character animosities when I went to bed one night, but I woke me next morning at 3am with the dialogue playing in my head. By 5am, 1600 words later, the first draft was complete and I was feeling good… until postpartum depression settled in. Anyway, the book is set aside for my WNCMysterians crit group to read for story and character, after which I’ll dive back in for a rewrite in which I plan to enrich descriptions of people and places, and correct any logical or continuity errors. I’ve shot a cover image and know what to do with it, but haven’t yet begun to work with it.

Sisters in Crime in Eastern North Carolina has put out a call for NC and SC SinC members to write sexually oriented short stories for an anthology project. I’m sure many will be submitted, but I’m equally certain that my story will be selected. It’s so frightfully clever, don’t you know. Deadline for blind submission is June 30, and I’ll tell you about the story after that date. I don’t want to spill the proverbial beans just yet (he, he, he, and a twirl of the old mustachio).